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A Special Greeting From Bob Ward ...

Now that you've arrived at Adv Hiker, I hope you'll discover useful ideas and inspiration for your hiking adventures.

Personally, few things propel my spirit more than hiking and exploring the natural world. Much clarity has come to me over the years simply by putting my feetĀ in nature's house.

My entire life I have written about what moves me. Finally, I have zeroed in on a topic that can carry me joyfully to the end of the trail.

Enjoy your journey.

Updates to the Fieldbook ...

How Far and Long to Hike

By Bob Ward | February 14, 2018

Hiking Solo Versus with Others

By Bob Ward | February 13, 2018

Where to Hike

By Bob Ward | February 12, 2018

When to Hike

By Bob Ward | February 9, 2018

Why Hike

By Bob Ward | February 8, 2018

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In addition to nonfiction, Bob writes a fiction series featuring outdoor travel hero Kip Stone of Epic Adventures, Inc.

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Bob Ward (left) with father, Dave Ward, at the "Window" on Window View Trail in Big Bend National Park.

Hiking Bears For Sale

For fun, Bob carves chainsaw hiking bears from naturally expired trees, using battery-operated saws and vegetable oil lubricants.

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